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Our History

A growing business

R & B Nursery began in 1987 in an 8-acre walled garden site near Roslin Chapel, where founders Ron and Barbara Mason started producing liners and 2L and 3L shrubs.

When the company outgrew the Roslin site, it expanded into a 25-acre site at Melville Nursery, Lasswade in 1998, and then a 20-acre field at Roslin in 2003. The two Roslin sites now specialise in the production of young plants for growing on and bare root trees. The Melville site holds the majority of saleable stock of conifers, shrubs, pot-grown trees, rhododendrons, bamboo and herbaceous.

Over the last 20+ years Ron and Barbara have used their huge experience in horticulture to build a loyal customer base, providing plants and trees for large-scale projects managed by local authorities, landscapers, developers and others.

The company has grown to 15 knowledgeable and experienced staff, including seven production staff. Many members of the team have worked at R & B Nursery for over 10 years, meaning everyone is highly experienced and more than capable of looking after the varied needs of the company’s customers.